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Our main focus was to develop the highest quality candle, with absolutely no compromise! The wax we use is a premium wax. By using a premium wax, we can be assured that our premium essential oil fragrance blends will be showcased in their purest form without chemical interference. Rainbow Craft Candle is committed to purchasing its raw materials from American companies only! Our wax is actually farmed right here in the Midwest. Even our cotton paper core wick comes from American soil.


Being the Original Premium Fragrance Soy Candle, Rainbow Craft has set the standard for eco-friendly candles.


Rainbow Craft candles are a custom blend of the highest Quality fragrances and finest blended waxes to make the very best candle possible. The wax in our candles has a very smooth, creamy rich, buttery texture which is a specially formulated wax, blended with our fantastic fragrance oils to achieve a strong, long lasting fragrance experience that lasts for the entire burn of the candle. We quickly earned a reputation for producing a quality candle and superior customer service.


Rainbow Craft Candles is a home-based business which began as a hobby and rapidly grew into what you see now - a busy candle factory, and we take pride in every candle we produce! What began as a love of candles grew from interest in how they were made, to a hobby, and quickly to a thriving business. We have spent hundreds of hours testing everything that goes into our candles...wax, scents, wicks and how they all go together, every ingredient has been researched and thoroughly tested to make sure that it is of the highest quality.